NO to Talibanisation of Pakistan

As Voiced by the CCP and Civil Society

We Pakistanis are very concerned about the state of our homeland. We want to send a very clear message to all state institutions that we say NO to the Talibanisation of Pakistan. Under no circumstances, can the sovereignty of Pakistan be attacked in this way. This applies also to the constant drone attacks that are taking place. We urge the democratically elected Government to fulfil their duty and follow the will of the people. The will of the people is for the Government to enforce the writ of the state throughout the country, in all provinces. Rule of law applies to all, not just to some.

This is exactly what we are saying in these letters that we are sending to the President, with copy to Prime Minister, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Chief of Army Staff.  We Pakistanis are making a stand and raising our voice of conscience –

action must be taken against the Taliban.

Pakistanis want peace and prosperity for their country – we want our country to take its place in the developing world and for all our citizens to be guaranteed their fundamental human rights and to practice their faith in peace and not under the barrel of a gun. The Quran states (Surah 2, Verse 256) "Let there be no compulsion in religion..". This is not what the Taliban believe – the Nizam e Adal was signed under intimidation and gunpoint. This is not what Islam stands for. In the words of Pakistan’s founder, Qaid e Azam, Mohd Ali Jinnah: "Islam stands for justice, equality, fairplay, toleration and even generosity to Non-Muslims...". Islam does therefore not stand for oppression, tumult, lawlessness and suffering.

We want the Government to see, as well as the Taliban, that the overwhelming majority of us Pakistanis are tolerant and peace loving  people – we are not extremists. We stand on the side of justice and freedom, and we demand that our country and our citizens be protected from this danger of extremism.


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