“Kalabagh Dam”

by Khurshid Anwer!

The British Conservative party leader has said, “The spendaholic Labour party has to be replaced with a party of thrift”. I say, “The spendaholic People’s party has to be replaced with a party of thrift”.

Bhutto posed as the champion of the poor people and the workers for his own nefarious purposes, which had nothing to do with socialism. A socialist he was not, ask his associates. He mortgaged the country to the ignorant poor to rouse them against the establishment, his sole purpose having been to gain power. Ever since then the leaders of the People’s party have stopped leading the people, but are being led by the people. They fall over backwards in doing what ever makes the people (their voters) happy and consequently the country poor.

Doling out the scarce resources of the country to the poor under schemes like the ‘Benazir bheek’ program. Instead of being given earning opportunities through development, the poor are being made dependent on monthly hand outs. A very short sighted spendaholic policy indeed.

Instead of concentrating on expanding industry and agriculture, by provision of inputs of ample and cheap power and water, the already struggling industry and public sector are being further burdened with ‘unproductive’ employments. Again, a spendaholic policy bound to cripple the already crippled economy.

Around the world, US private sector has shed 742,000 jobs. Toshiba is shedding 3900 workers, Sony Ericson is shedding 2000 workers, to keep their companies afloat and not hurt national economy. But Pakistan is merrily re-employing workers laid off many years ago in their thousands, with retrospective benefits, without any consideration whether or not any jobs exist, feather-bedding of the worst kind. Why, because the voters have to kept happy and to hell with the country and the rest of the people.

The net result is making a selected few happy at the cost of the many. Leaving more people below the poverty line as had been done in all previous tenures of the People’s party, making the country, as a whole, poorer and not richer.

On a program on the environment a very pertinent comment was made, “People have to become more aware to save the world”. I said, “People have to become more aware to save the country”, instead of the present blinkered blind following.

he spendaholic People’s party has to be replaced with a party which will not put the cart before the horse, which will first create jobs before doling them out, which will not distribute the cake even before it is baked, which will go for development of industry and agriculture to create new jobs for all the poor and not only for a selected few.
Which will bring a semblance of austerity to the luxurious, vulgar, palatial life style of the rulers. Which will not put the country to shame by begging aid from donors, while lolling around on gilded furniture in plush drawing rooms under glittering chandeliers. Akin to driving up in your bullet-proof Mercedes with tinted glasses to ask a friend to lend you money for petrol.

A party which will not say, “Kalabagh is the best site for a dam in Pakistan, Kalabagh dam is the best project for the economy of the country, but we will not build it because the people are against it”.
‘agar log kahein gay, to kiya aap koain mein chalang laga deingey’.

Are my friends listening, are they aware they have to become more aware if the country is to be saved.
Khurshid Anwer


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